Does it matter?

I lied, you say,

I lied to you.

I lie a lot these days,

I’m fine,

It doesn’t hurt,

Not any more,

I’m moving on,

It’s fine. I’m strong.


Pick one of ten,

Then spin again.

Russian roulette,

Perverted odds.

Come in number thirty nine, your time is up.


So does it matter if I lie,

To you?

To me?

To him?

What does it matter…?

What is true to you?

I’m lying now,

That I don’t care,

That I’m not angry with you,

That I’m not angry with him.


And what is true,

A trillion cells,

And which one lied?

And what is true,

One leaking vein,

And still he died.

And what is true,

No suicide,

No heart attack?

(No coming back.)


What’s true is that,

He lied to me.

I lie to you.


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