Eosinophils multiply in response as it enters,

Histamines flood in.

A body, a battle ground.

Blood pumps,

Vehicle for oxygen and glucose.

Silent passenger spreads, building strength.


Can we annihilate?


You didn’t know that your bid,

To multiply, came with a secret gift.

You feed, your abdomen gross with my blood.

Protozoa slip.

You’ve gone, eggs already maturing.

Your life is short.

Unknowing, death bringer.


We aim to eradicate.


In bed, I am exposed.

Coil burns, nets hang,

Do drugs make me bullet proof?

One chink suffices,

Your signature inscribed on my skin,

Silent gift that lasts long after the itch.

Blood need united us,

And the cycle, starts again.


You are not the parasite.


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