Review: 712 more things to write about

He’s still here. Still here. Still, lying in bed, but asleep, not dead.

Is your New Year’s resolution to write more? Or do you just want to get started with writing? I’ve found that regular writing, whether you do Julia Cameron’s Daily Pages from The Artist’s Way, or pick some other way to write every day, is the best was to clear writers block and get through to what you really want to write about.

This Christmas, my daughter gave me 712 More Things to Write About , a book full of prompts to inspire you to write. It is packed with ideas, and there is a fairly small space-from a quarter page to a whole page – for you to fill in with your writing. There are so many ideas that I have found it easy to open the book at random and pick one that appeals most days this year, even when the children were on holiday. The small space allowed means that you can fill it in a few minutes, so perfect for a commute, a lunch break or while you are waiting. the book itself is lovely quality, which I think adds to the inspiration.

Below, I have include an example of a prompt, and my response:

A woman travels continents and oceans to be at her dying father’s bedside and when he doesn’t die, even though she loves him, she’s disappointed. Why?

You’re still here. Still here. Still, lying in bed, but asleep, not dead.

I told you I loved you, over and over, when they said there was no hope. Somehow it seems that  you’re going to pull through, this time. Yet I don’t feel joy, just resignation, maybe even disappointment . This is going to happen again, I can see now. It’s the perfect way to make me put everything on hold and focus on you, exclusively, just like you always wanted.

I stand up, touch your hand, and say, “Goodbye Dad!”

 Sometimes I could do with more space, and in filling the slot feel that I have only just started a story, so if you had time this would be a good way to take the ideas that seem fruitful and expand on them. So, if you have had some book vouchers for Christmas, or simply want to invest in your writing, I’d very much recommend 712 More Things to Write About which is £12.99 at time of writing.


24 thoughts on “Review: 712 more things to write about

  1. Sounds like a great book! I can imagine the small space it allows you to write in, being a little frustrating but also less outfacing than a huge blank space or unlimited space. This might work for me, I’ll have to take a look! Thanks for the recommendation and for linking to #whatImWriting

  2. This sounds like a great book. When I was just getting started (again) with creative writing a few years ago I found these sorts of exercises really helpful. “The 3am Epiphany” was one of my fave books for these. In fact I might just have to dig it out again as I ramp up to writing novel number 3… Thanks for the inspiration! x

  3. I love the idea of this and would likely use it myself, if it didn’t mean that I’d have numerous more unfinished projects whirring around my creative head! Great for inspiration though 🙂 Thanks for tweeting to me for #WonderfulWorldofWriting Antonia #www 🙂

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