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So, most of April has passed and I haven’t updated the blog. I guess this is just a reflection of the limited hours in the day. I’ve been to a work conference, which took all of one weekend and more, and I’ve taken the kids away for a fabulous weekend which I am midway through writing about for Family Friendly Working. And, oh yes, I’ve written 23000 words of the second draft of Blindsided as part of Campnanowrimo.

And what have I learnt?

1.. I’m shattered. The conference came right after three weeks of school holidays which wasn’t great. Next year it comes at the end of term which means at least I’ll feel prepared, and I’ll have some down time after.

2. The Amazing Family Science Weekend is, as it says, Amazing. And exhausting. We will go back, though.

3. It’s a bugger of a challenge to start writing again with all that going on.

Nonetheless …

I’m happy with what I’ve written.

I still need to go back and question my second main character’s motivations and actions – are they plausible, how much of what they do is reaction to the dominant lead character, when do they start to push back, to think of their own interests?

I need to work on the supporting cast – some are two dimensional stereotypes, others are less than that, just names with a few actions. They need to be more.

The symbolism and foreshadowing in the book is developing, but I need to do more.

I have more reading to do. A lot more reading. I had a good talk about PhDs with a great tutor from last year. He was very supportive about the book idea and felt I was on track … but I do need to fill in an application form before finishing the book if I want the book to be part of the PhD

Oh … and the ending.

At the end of the first draft I wrapped everything up but I wasn’t happy with it, so on the train yesterday I dumped down 15 other ways it could end. That still needs more subconscious consideration, I think. And I don’t need to do anything about the ending for a while.

But …

I’m happy with the 23,000 words … which will be 25,000 words in the next couple of days. I think I will pause there and work on the characters and depth. I might, just might then have a ‘first three chapters’ worth doing something with. I might possibly have something to take to the Festival of Writing. If I go … At times I’m optimistic about how much better it is, at other times I think the whole thing is clichéd and pointless, and there are more than enough books in this world.

But nonetheless, I am going to continue to write. Slowly.


13 thoughts on “What I’m writing #whatimwriting @writingbubble #prose4t

  1. I’m so glad I read this I am, rather blindly, writing a book too, well trying to. I literally have no idea what I am doing I just write I have so much to learn #Prose4T

  2. Sounds like you are making great progress, those whirling questions about characters and endings sounds familiar. Would love to hear how the book ends up. #Prose4T

  3. I’m impressed! All those words written with everything else going on! And 15 different endings! Well done. As for there being enough books – I heard someone at London Book Fair say precisely that… and yet the industry goes on and people still have the appetite. There is always room for more stories I think, we just have to have confidence in our own. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

  4. Well done! It sounds like you are making fabulous progress. I think that the issue for me would be the ending if I wrote a book – I would not have a clue! Look forward to hearing more. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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