What I’ve been writing this week #whatimwriting @writingbubble

I’ve just realised a few things. Half term is a week away, then there are only a few short weeks before the yawning, childcare-free abyss of the summer holidays. I’ve been reading and writing and reading again this year, all feeding into a novel which I want to be part of a PhD. And I actually need to write a synopsis and complete the application before the summer term ends if I want any chance of doing a PhD next year at some point!

And of course, just as always happens when a (even self-imposed) deadline looms, I’ve been blogging prolifically over the last couple of weeks.

I reviewed new psychological thriller Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan which is out in June, and The Girl with Nine Wigs, a quirky and amusing cancer memoir.

I wrote up a first draft of a short story that I started in writing group: Iris if. Very much still in development!

I read Don De Lillo’s new book and wrote an epic blog post about Don De Lillo’s Zero K, and Making Readers Care about your Characters  – the post takes you from Chernobyl to Beirut on a journey with some of my favourite books at the moment, and one that just didn’t do it for me.

I finally got round to writing about Kate Tempest, reading from her new novel @DLWP, and then I read some of my own poems at a Writers Circle event locally – my first live reading. Terrifying, but I didn’t make any mistakes and it’s done now. Until the next time.

And I have been working on the research proposal and book synopsis and have another day booked to do that before the children break up. So maybe I’ll make my deadline and have something finished to submit during June. Maybe!


10 thoughts on “What I’ve been writing this week #whatimwriting @writingbubble

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of blogging, a lot of reading and a whole heap of other stuff too! I too, am starting to think ‘eek’ about childcare-less summer hols and how much there is to get done beforehand! Off to read some of those reviews that I missed now. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

  2. As I was reading, I was nodding at your words about the looming school hols because all routines go out of the window don’t they. I thought The Girl with Nine Wigs looked really fresh and honest in it’s approach to a difficult story. I have such a massive list of books I want to read. #whatimwriting

  3. Hope you get it done on time. We’re in the middle of the school show just now and then it’s the last little bit of school before the holidays. Love this time of year, and love the holidays too! But you’re right, it’s hard to get stuff done. I’m procrastinating horribly at the moment!

  4. It sounds like you’re getting quite a bit of reading and work done before the holidays! My childcare free days are coming up fast, and I’ve been trying to wake a little earlier than usual to have at least an hour of peach and quite – and coffee and computer time – in before the kids descend. So far so good!

    • um, I meant to write “peach and quiet” not “peach and quite” but that’s what happens when you’re in a rush and both kids are calling for you from the other room (summer preview happening right now!)

      • forget it! i give up. sigh. auto correct has won. i apologize for the many comments, feel free to delete. (ok, one last time, PEACE AND QUIET) phew.

  5. Our half term started today and my daughter went to her dads and I’ve been really unorganized today despite having lots to do. It sounds like you have been really busy fingers crossed you meet your deadline! #whatimwriting

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