Knife-edged Love

If you are broken I might be enough

sun in my eyes blind me to what stands

stone grey sea rise and fall with my heart beat

worship me you say

my fingers freeze

waves ride in relentless sea

wind in my hair

feet enclosed in fur lined boots

worship is not enough

I stay hidden

ice at my breast

unceasing sea turn me over

sun warm on my eyes

grey white winter skin and hair


what I want is fractured

knife edged love

chill freeze my fingers

rays caress me open

heaped spray spreads into sheets of foam

wind blows harder

knife marks your wound


out of place nothing before me

no more skin exposed than lips and nose and icyfingertips


sea slide up the beach bubble and roil

sun seeps through the cold

just like your words scar

other than as a mirror for you

what I want doesn’t exist

strip layer after layer,

expose my eskimo skin

I bare myself for you


still chill on my heart

roll no gold line roll on

you are hundreds of miles away

would you do the same for me?

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